How do I vote?

Voting packs should be received by 21 September. If you have not received your voting papers, you may need to cast a special vote.

Voting is done by post. To be counted, all votes must be received by midday, Saturday 8 October 2022.

View the interactive map to find out where to drop off your vote.

Make your choice by ranking candidates on the voting paper

You’ve got three weeks to get your vote in (Friday 16 September 2022 to noon Saturday 8 October 2022). 

The single transferable voting (STV) electoral system will be used for the Palmerston North City Council elections, and the first past the post (FPP) electoral system will be used for the Horizons Regional Council election.

In STV everyone’s vote gets counted once, but you get to rank as many candidates as you wish. It’s a good idea to rank at least a few. Put a 1 in your top spot, then a 2, 3 and so on. That way, if your favourite candidate already has enough votes to get in, your vote won’t get wasted.

Before making your choice, you may wish to find out more about the candidates. Check out our community hui, read up on media you trust, talk to people you trust, and talk to the candidates!

It is very safe to vote in New Zealand. You do not have to tell anyone who you voted for, unless you choose to. Your vote will always be confidential.

Where to drop off your vote

You can post your vote at one of the DX mail boxes, which are available 24/7, or drop your vote at a voting box station. A number of these voting boxes are kept inside businesses or schools and can only be accessed during certain hours. Check that they are open before you head over.

Find out where you can drop off your vote at a location closest to you.

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You can also drop off your vote at our Mobile Library. The Mobile Library visits 33 city stops on a weekly basis, find out its timetable and route.

Special votes

We will have a polling place for people who need to cast a special vote at the Civic Administration Building, Palmerston North City Council, 32 Te Marae o Hine The Square, Palmerston North from Friday 16 September 2022 until midday on Saturday 8 October 2022. Customer Service Centre opens

  • 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • 9am until 4.30pm on Wednesdays
  • 8am to 12pm Saturday 8 October.

More about special votes