Have your say on our draft Long-Term Plan 2024-34

Submissions closed at 4pm on Thursday 9 May.

Laughing children playing with bubbles in Te Marae o Hine.

Feedback on our proposed plan for Palmy for the next 10 years is now closed. Thank you to everyone who had your say.

You can read all about the plan on our long-term plan website, where you'll find detailed information about what we're proposing, including the pros and cons of each option and the impact on your rates.

Check out our long-term plan website

Next steps

Submissions on our draft plan closed at 4pm on Thursday 9 May. This is what happens next:
  • All submissions are read by our elected members. We’ve been sharing them as they’ve been coming in so they can read them all.
  • Hearings in mid-May. This is when people who want to speak to their submission come and talk to elected members about their submission.

Read more details about the meetings

  • Deliberations late May. A summary of consultation and analysis of submissions is shared with elected members and then they discuss and decide what changes they may like to make to our proposed Long-Term Plan in response to your submissions.
  • End of June. Council adopts the Long-Term Plan (including any potential change to our rating system).