Recycling resources for your school or business

Set your home, classroom, or business up for recycling success with our free resources, including helpful videos, posters, and printouts.

Education is the key to changing behaviours around waste minimisation. Check out some of our flyers, posters and other resources that we’ve created over the last few years.

What goes in your recycling bin

recycling poster of what can be recycled and what can not(PDF, 230KB)

image of a recycling wheelie bin (PDF, 632KB)

plastic recycling guide(PDF, 487KB)
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What goes in your glass crate

glass recycling poster(PDF, 128KB)

recycling glass crate dieform(PDF, 590KB)
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Colouring-in activities

rubbish truck recycling colouring in image(PDF, 97KB)

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Your guide to recycling in Palmy

Cover of your guide to recycling in Palmy(PDF, 1MB)
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How we turn your green waste into compost

Image of the cover of make your own post booklet(PDF, 1MB)
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What happens to your glass recycling

Visit our Recycling Centre!

We love to teach our community about how they can look after our environment better.

We offer small fieldtrips to our recycling centre in Awapuni for school or educational groups, or community groups.

Our recycling plant will be operating while you visit which means there are some health and safety obligations as part of the tour. Everyone will need to wear closed in shoes, hi-vis (we supply this) and earplugs, and be warned that it can be noisy and smelly. There is also machinery moving around the site so children need to be closely supervised.

We only have a couple of tours available each month so that we can keep up with the city’s recycling.

Please register below and we will get in touch.

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