Reduce your garden waste

Whether you have green fingers or the jungle outside is the bane of your life, we have some tips for your garden waste.

Infographic shows the comparison between how much green waste is thrown out in a typical rubbish bag (0.13kg), small bin (3.41kg) and large bin (7.42kg).

A home using the Council rubbish bags puts out 0.13kg of green waste a week, compared to a small wheelie bin which on average has 3.41kg, and a large wheelie bin with 7.42kg. Crazy considering there's better uses for it, eh?

Simple tips to reduce your garden waste

  • Mulch your lawn clippings and woody waste
  • Leave your lawn clippings on the lawn after mowing
  • Stop cutting your grass so low. The best lawn care advocates for only removing the top third of your lawn. This is great for lawn health and can stop it drying out
  • Do you need that much lawn? Why not plant some extra garden beds instead?
  • Mulch your gardens – this slows down weed growth
  • Pop your food waste or garden scraps in a compost bin or worm farm
  • Opt for slow growing plants that don't need much maintenance
Photo shows keen gardener Helen Lehndorf standing in her garden at home, among rows of mulched beds full of vegetables, herbs and flowers.  

Over the years Palmy woman Helen Lehndorf has turned much of what used to be lawn into a lush and productive garden, where flowers, herbs and vegetables are planted companionably alongside each other. Check out those mulched beds!

Bring your green waste to us

We love garden waste! We turn it into compost for the city's parks, and to sell it to Palmy homes. Instead of putting it in the bin, throw it on your trailer or bale it up in a fadge and bring it to us to compost.

Check out our awesome process here.

Find out how we turn your green waste into compost.