Council's plans for cycling in Palmy

We're keen to see more people riding bikes in the city. So much so, cycling features in a number of our plans and strategies.

Photo shows woman in regular clothes riding a step-through bike along Cuba Street with people on e-scooters in the background.  

Urban Cycling Masterplan

This plan envisions investment in an urban cycle network to bring about an environment and culture change that encourages more people in Palmerston North to choose cycling more often.

Council plans to:

  • reduce traffic speeds around our schools and shops
  • expand the network of cycle lanes, including some physically separated cycleways
  • support school and workplace travel planning, education about sharing roads and paths courteously, events like street festivals, recreational tours and competitions.

For some streets, we'll start with painted cycle lanes and upgrade to separated cycleways in coordination with the street maintenance programme. In new urban development areas, separated cycleways will also be the preferred type of provision on new roads designed for higher traffic volumes.

Active and Public Transport Plan

The Active and Public Transport Plan shows how we intend to create a strong culture of walking and cycling and enable an efficient and effective public transport network.

Active Community Plan

This plan guides the provision of parks, playgrounds, and recreation opportunities to encourage a more active community.