Vehicle regulations

Our parking wardens don't only monitor parking infringements. To help keep our roads safer for everyone, we also issue infringement notices for obvious breaches of the Land Transport Act.

Bald or damaged tyres

Did you know that bald tyres are one of the leading causes of accidents?

We want to help prevent accidents, so our parking wardens issue infringement notices for tyres that are obviously smooth, have tyre cords showing, or that have no obvious tread.

We don’t check every tyre or car – but if we see something obvious, an infringement notice will be issued.

Bald or damaged tyres with irrefutable photographic evidence will incur a $150 fee.

Overdue WoF and registration

If your vehicle doesn't have a current warrant of fitness or if its registration has expired, then there's no proof the vehicle is safe.

We understand people can forget to register their vehicle or book their WoF before the due date, so we've made a couple of changes to make that moment of forgetfulness less painful.

Here's how it works

If it’s not longer than seven days overdue, you’ll receive a warning notice.

If it’s between seven days and one month overdue, you’ll get an infringement notice, but you have 14 days to become compliant. If you let us know, we'll review your  infringement notice.

If it’s overdue by more than one month, you’ve had plenty of time to sort things out, so we'll issue an infringement notice. This can’t be reversed on your payment.

Each of these infringements will incur a $200 fee.

Stationary car infringements summary

Overdue WoF or rego

You receive


Less than seven days overdue A warning notice Nil
More than seven days and less than one month overdue An infringement notice and 14 days to become compliant $200 – we'll review this if you can prove your vehicle complies
Overdue by one month or more An infringement notice. No second chance $200

Bald or damaged tyres

An infringement notice $150