Manawatū River Shared Pathway

Our awa walkway spans more than 10km from end-to-end. If you want to tease your wanderlust and embark on the full journey, start at Paneiri Park off Maxwells Line and you'll end up at Riverside Drive. If you're simply after a stroll, good news! There are lots of access points to choose from.


Manawatū means 'heart standing still' as that's what happened when ancestor Hau saw our river. After a lot of travelling, Hau looked upon the river with great apprehension and then his heart stood still when he saw its mighty size and beauty.

This family-friendly pathway is a popular one for Palmy people and it offers breathtaking views in whichever direction you decide to go, so grab your walking shoes and get on your way!

Dogs may be off-leash (but under control) everywhere except between Fitzherbert Bridge and He Ara Kotahi bridge, and along the He Ara Kotahi pathway to Linton.

There's a variety of different people and animals that share this path, so please, keep an eye out for one another.

Distance: 10.3km

Surface: Limestone, concrete, asphalt


The pathway near Ruahine Street.

Access points

Riverside Drive (off Te Matai Road), Napier Road, Ruamahunga Crescent (Ruamahanga Wilderness Area), Ruahine Street, Ayr Place, Waterloo Crescent (Waterloo Park), Albert Street, Centennial Drive, Fitzherbert Avenue (Hardie Street Reserve), Victoria Esplanade, Dittmer Drive (Dittmer Reserve), Buick Crescent (Ahimate Reserve), Maxwells Line (Paneiri Park).


Carparks, picnic tables and seating. Toilets at Paneiri Park, Dittmer Drive, Fitzherbert Avenue and Ruamahunga Crescent.

Special attractions

Fenced dog park at Ahimate Reserve, mountain biking trails, native bush, river views, river access, open parkland, open-air gym equipment, BBQs (in Victoria Esplanade), a part of Te Araroa Trail, glow paths (Albert Street)


The Ahimate Reserve end of the pathway is limestone.

Horses and dogs welcome

Dogs must be on-leash between Fitzherbert and He Ara Kotahi Bridges. The rest of the pathway is a dog exercise area, where you can walk your dog off-leash.

Note, there's often livestock grazing in paddocks next to the pathway between Ruamahanga Crescent and Riverside Drive. 

Photo shows people enjoying the tree-lined pathway in autumn: a young couple with takeaway coffee in hand, a woman pushing a baby in a stroller and two toddlers on kick-scooters.  

The pathway near Ruamahanga Reserve.


The pathway is shown in red.