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By-election 2021: Final results

After the counting of all votes, including special votes, Orphée Mickalad has been confirmed as the successful candidate.

Photo shows Palmerston North's newest city councillor. He is standing outdoors dressed in a suit and smiling.

Orphée Mickalad will become our new Councillor.

16,674 votes were received and counted. The voter return was 27.23%.

Final vote count

Elected: Orphée Mickalad, 7,123 


  • William Wood, 5,930 
  • Darroch Ball, 3,378
  • James Candish, 2,261
  • Stefan Speller, 1,920
  • Vanessa Rozenberg, 1,493
  • Sarah Spillane, 1,310
  • Andy Asquith, 1,096
  • Nikita Skipper, 407
  • Nathan Wilson, 139
  • Ross Barber, 90

The by-election was required to fill a vacancy due to the resignation of Tangi Utikere after he was elected as MP for Palmerston North in the October 2020 General Election.