Making a change to your building consent

All building work related to a building consent must be done according to the plans, specifications and detail provided with the building consent. If you want to change your plans before or during construction, you need to let Council know.

You may need to apply for an amendment to the building consent or, for a small change, you may be able to follow the minor variation process.

Government guidance: Making changes to your plans

Amending a building consent

The process of requesting an amendment is similar to the original consent. You need to provide full construction detail of any changes, so we can assess them and Council needs to approve the amendment before you can carry out any work.

To apply for an amendment to a building consent where the building consent application was submitted before 28 June 2017, please use the amendment to building consent application form(PDF, 75KB) .

To apply for an amendment to a building consent where the building consent application was submitted from 28 June 2017 onwards, please apply online.

Amendments guidance: Building Performance

Minor variations

If the change is not significantly different from the approved building consent plans and specifications, you can request approval for a minor variation. These are usually able to be carried out on-site by your building inspector. Some examples of minor variation include:

  • substituting similar products, for example, one internal lining for a similar internal lining minor wall bracing changes
  • minor construction change, for example, changing the framing method used around a window
  • changing a room's layout, for example, repositioning fixtures in a bathroom.

Building inspectors may approve minor variations that arise in the course of building work. These are changes that do not affect compliance with the building code. Minor variations are recorded on the inspection record.

If you're requesting a minor variation, this must be done before the work is undertaken. You'll need to provide Council with details of the changes you plan to make.

Onsite application for minor variation to approved plans(PDF, 113KB)

Minor variations guidance: Building Performance