Apply for a Code Compliance Certificate

Building owners must apply for a Code Compliance Certificate as soon as possible after building work is complete, and preferably within 2 years from the date the building consent was granted.

A Code Compliance Certificate is a formal statement issued under section 95 of the Building Act 2004, advising that building work carried out under a building consent complies with that building consent.

You may need to provide additional information with your application. This may include:

  • energy certificates
  • as-laid drainage plans
  • producer statements, PS4 construction review, PS3 construction (as identified on the building consent)
  • evidence that any specified systems are capable of performing to the performance standard set out in the building consent
  • any information that was requested during the building inspections and has not yet been supplied
  • any other relevant information.

If the project includes restricted building work you'll need to provide a record of building work for all the trade licensed building practitioners. 

For a full list of the information required, check the building consent, building consent attachments, and the building inspection notes.

Apply online for a Code Compliance Certificate

Issuing a Code Compliance Certificate

We will only issue the certificate once we're satisfied:

  • your building work is complete and complies with the building consent
  • your final inspection has been passed
  • any specified systems for the building are capable of performing
  • all fees and charges are paid, including any development contributions.

How long does it take?

The Building Act requires Council to decide whether to issue or refuse to issue the Code Compliance Certificate within 20 working days, following either:

  • the application for a Code Compliance Certificate
  • expiry of the 2-year or agreed period since the date the building consent was granted (if no application has been made).

If we need more information to enable us to decide whether or not to issue the certificate, we'll send you a request for further information. When this happens, we stop the 20 working day 'clock' and suspend the application until you've provided the information. We restart the clock when all of the required information has been received.