There's nothing better than being in the moment

My name is Tania Mattock and I'm a Client Liason Officer at Palmerston North City Council. I ride two to three times a week. I sometimes go for a quick ride after work like to Linton and back. I also enjoy riding at Arapuke Park, especially with the new trails.

Photo shows woman with full helmet and protective gear riding a mountainbike on a downhill dirt track.

The trail at Foxton Beach is good, followed by a swim and fish and chips at the beach from Mr Grumpys. Otherwise there are a number of great mountain bike parks or trails nearby for weekend adventures with friends.

I'm not a typical road cyclist – I love to mountain bike and have been doing it for more than five years. My family got me started by going out for rides along the river. From there a work colleague talked me into doing a bike skills course with the Manawatū Mountain Bike Club. This led to meeting some pretty awesome people and many biking adventures and bike upgrades later, I'm loving just getting out and having fun and seeing parts of the country you wouldn't normally see.

I ride for many reasons, most of all it's about the friendships and adventures – the fun, laughter and food.

There is nothing better than getting on your bike and going for a ride and being in the moment. Whether it's a relaxing ride along the river or riding some technical mountain bike trails, it's nice just to be outside and enjoying life.

If you want to get into mountain biking my advice would be to enrol in a skills course. Ride with people that are better than you and can help teach you and gradually build up your skills and confidence. It's great to try new trails and its ok to walk parts of them as in time you will get braver and ride those gnarly bits. But most of all have fun!