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The future use of Huia Street Reserve

We're proposing to change the land use at this city reserve to enable homes to be built. The first step in this process is now underway.

What are we doing?

Council is promoting a local bill to amend the Palmerston North Reserves Empowering Act 1966. The amendment would bring Huia Street Reserve within this Act, enabling Council to sell the land in future.

Please note, this is the first step to allow any potential development of the land for housing. It doesn't determine the type of development and/or ownership of the land. 

If the amendment is successful, Council would adopt those decisions in a public meeting that would be advertised and held in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.

Keep an eye on this page to stay informed about the progress of the bill, including any opportunities to have your say.

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Photo shows artist's impression of what the reserve could look like with medium-density housing.

An artist's impression of what the land could look like with medium-density homes.


In November 2020, Council approved a preferred option for the future use of Huia Street Reserve: to enable the development of Huia Street Reserve for housing, including the potential for a mixed-use housing development supporting recreational and small-scale commercial activity.

The Council directed the Chief Executive to engage with the relevant government agencies and the office of the Palmerston North Member of Parliament to initiate amendments to the Palmerston North Reserves Empowering Act 1966 to enable this change to occur.

The decision followed a formal consultation process. You can read our original proposal here, along with the feedback we received from the public:

Contact us 

If you'd like to speak to someone about this proposal, please contact Acting City Planning Manager Michael Duindam on 06 356 8199.