Rates, Building & Property

Property information requests

We hold a range of information that can help you when making decisions about a property.

Land information memorandum: LIM

A land information memorandum or LIM gives you a copy of Council’s records on a building and the land it’s on, and any issues that might affect the land or buildings. People usually request a LIM when considering whether or not to buy a property.

A LIM includes:

  • special land features including potential erosion, falling debris, slippage and possible hazardous substances
  • private and public stormwater and sewerage drains
  • unpaid rates
  • consents, certificates, notices, orders or requisitions affecting the land or buildings
  • District Plan classifications that relate to the land or buildings
  • any information relating to the property supplied by network utility operators in relation to the Building Act 1991
  • other relevant information.

How to apply for a LIM

Print out and complete the application form at the bottom of the page. Return it to us in person at our Customer Service Centre.

How long will a LIM take to process?

We are required by law to issue a LIM within 10 working days, provided all necessary information is provided. 

Building work information requests

A building work information request relates to any consented building work carried out on a property, which Council holds on the property file.

How to make a building work information request

You can request this information at our Customer Service Centre, by emailing info@pncc.govt.nz or calling us on 06 356 8199

Fees and formats

The cost will vary depending on the size and format required. After you have requested information, we will contact you to let you know the cost. We can’t release information until payment has been received.

Building work information can be provided by email depending on the size, or as an online file for you to download. There will also be an administration fee, charged per hour or part-hour of staff time.


The turnaround time for a work information request is usually eight working hours from payment being received. If the request is complicated or for a large commercial property, it may take longer but one of our team will be in contact if this is the case. 

Ways to pay

Internet banking

You can pay for any property information by internet banking.

Council’s account details are: Westpac: 03-0726-0330770-00. 

Please note: Payments by internet banking can take a couple of days to process. It’s a good idea to pay and apply early to ensure you receive your report when you need it.

Ensure you provide the right particulars and reference detail so we know what the payment is for:

Particulars Address of the property
Analysis code Your name
Reference LIM or BWIR

In-person payments

You can pay by cash and Eftpos at our Customer Service Centre. We now also accept credit card payments over the counter, with a surcharge of 1.3% per transaction.

Buying or selling a property

The Real Estate Authority is the government body for the real estate sector. Its consumer website has a wealth of information that's useful if you're thinking about buying or selling property.