Plan Change J: Massey University Turitea Historic Area

This plan change establishes the Turitea Historic Area, to recognise and protect the historic significance of the Oval on Massey’s Manawatū campus. It was made operative on 22 March 2023.

Two of the historic buildings in the Oval that plan change J seeks to protect.

Turitea Historic Area is defined as the land containing the Oval and surrounding buildings at Massey University’s Manawatū Campus, pictured here with the Refectory (left) and McHardy Hall in the background. Image: Ian Matheson City Archives.

Commissioner's decision

Proposed Plan Change: J Massey University Turitea Historic Area was accepted by an independent Resource Management Commissioner. No hearing was required as a decision was reached without the need for one, and there were no appeals.    

Commissioner's decision(PDF, 192KB)

Statement of evidence by Tara Lennard(PDF, 686KB)

Information as to right of appeal on a change to the District Plan(PDF, 122KB)

What are the District Plan changes?

Section 4: Definitions - introducing a definition for the 'Turitea Historic Area' to describe what it covers. The site encompasses the Oval and the historically iconic buildings around it including the Refectory, Sir Geoffrey Peren building, McHardy Hall, the Registry building and Tiritea House.

Section 19: Institutional Zone - introducing provisions related to the use and development within the area. A map showing the extent of the new overlay is below.

This plan change was notified on a limited notification basis, meaning only directly affected parties were able make a submission on the proposal.

Satellite map of the Turitea Historic Area.

This overlay map shows the area that will be protected under the new District Plan provisions.

What are the benefits?

The change aims to protect the Massey Oval by retaining its open space character and preventing inappropriate development in the future.

The Oval has historical significance as one of the first purpose-built areas at Massey University, and has been in continuous use since 1929.

We have worked closely with Massey University on this plan change, which is supported by Rangitāne o Manawatū, the Historic Places Trust and the Palmerston North Defence Heritage Advisory Group.

For more information, please download the section 32 report:

Proposed Plan Change J section 32 report: Turitea Historic Area (October 2021)(PDF, 6MB)

Original submissions and further submissions

Plan Change J was only open for limited submissions from pre-identified parties with a direct relation to the proposal. We received 3 submissions and 1 further submission, which you can read below, along with a summary of the submitters' requests.

Summary of submissions: Proposed plan change J(PDF, 129KB)

S1: PN Defence Heritage Advisory Group(PDF, 463KB)

S2: Massey University(PDF, 1MB)

S3: Heritage NZ Pauhere Taonga(PDF, 178KB)

Massey University further submission(PDF, 193KB)