Prepare for an emergency

Resources to help you prepare for a natural or man-made disaster in Palmerston North, and how to cope if disaster strikes.

Photo shows pensive girl outside a house with caption that says "Never happens? Happens. Get Ready. Get thru."

Emergency mobile alerts

If your life, health or property is in serious danger, an Emergency Mobile Alert could be sent to your mobile phone. This is a new warning system being rolled out nationwide by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management. 

If your phone is on, capable and inside the targeted area, you should get the alerts. You don’t have to download an app or subscribe to a service, just ensure your phone is capable and updated.

Websites to help you and your whānau prepare for an emergency

Ask us about emergency education and training 

Our Emergency Management Officers provide a free service to the whole community and deliver over 100 presentations each year to community groups, schools and businesses. 

To ask about presenting to your group or running workplace training, business continuity planning, or a school activity, call our Emergency Management Officers on 06 356 8199.

Useful websites