Annual Budget

The Annual Budget sets out what we plan to do in the current financial year, and shows how this impacts on your rates and Council's debt.

Every three years the Annual Budget is not a separate document but forms part of our 10-Year Plan. That's the case this year (our 2021-22 financial year).

For the year beginning July 2021 there's an overall rates increase of 8 per cent.

Read the Annual Budget

For what Council is planning to do this year and what it's expected to cost, see the 10-Year Plan 2021-31. You can read budgets from previous years below.

Annual Budget 2020-21(PDF, 18MB)

Annual Budget 2019-20(PDF, 6MB)

Annual Budget 2017-18(PDF, 4MB)

Annual Budget 2016-17(PDF, 6MB)

Annual Budget 2014-15(PDF, 2MB)