Engineering Standards for Land Development

The Engineering Standards for Land Development outline the technical standards needed for compliance with Section 7 of the Palmerston North City Council's District Plan.

This latest version of the standards took effect in March 2023. A table of edits is also available to download.

Engineering Standards For Land Development(PDF, 2MB)

Table of edits(PDF, 80KB)

ESLD appendix 1: Developer checklist for concept plans(PDF, 105KB)

ESLD appendix 2: Developer checklist for engineering drawings, specifications and reports(PDF, 153KB)

ESLD appendix 3: Development of land which is, or is likely to be, subject to erosion or slippage (Tonkin and Taylor, 2005)(PDF, 8MB)

ESLD appendix 4: Statement of professional opinion as to suitability of land for building construction(PDF, 132KB)

ESLD appendix 5: Certificate of cleanliness and disinfection of water supply mains(PDF, 132KB)

ESLD appendix 6: Statement of completion by developer's technical representative(PDF, 130KB)

ESLD appendix 7: Engineering New Zealand construction monitoring services(PDF, 172KB)

ESLD appendix 8: Design of wastewater pump stations(PDF, 179KB)

ESLD appendix 9: Approved backflow prevention devices(PDF, 139KB)

ESLD appendix 10: Backflow prevention device product approval application form(PDF, 207KB)

ESLD appendix 11: AsBuilt shapefile templates(PDF, 826KB)

ESLD appendix 12a: Schedule of assets – three waters(XLSX, 121KB)  

ESLD appendix 12b: Schedule of assets – parks and reserves(XLSX, 85KB)

ESLD appendix 12c: Schedule of assets – road reserve(XLSX, 140KB)

ESLD appendix 13: Rain garden design, construction and maintenance manual (Christchurch City Council, 2016)(PDF, 6MB)

ESLD: Pressure sewer design standards(PDF, 587KB)

ESLD: Subdivision standards drawings(PDF, 30MB)

ESLD: Water supply mains disinfection code of practice(PDF, 341KB)

ESLD: Water supply mains construction pressure test code of practice(PDF, 2MB)