Have your say on the future of Ashhurst Domain

Submissions closed on 29 February 2024, 05:00 PM

Aerial shot of Ashhurst Domain including the pony club grounds, with lots of trees and the river and hills in the background.

We’re currently working alongside you to update the reserve management plan for Ashhurst Domain.  

We’re developing this plan in three stages:

  • Community and stakeholder engagement (November 2023 to March 2024)
  • Draft plans (March and April 2024)
  • Community consultation on draft plans and develop final plans (April to August 2024) 

The plan will outline the type of development and improvement initiatives that can happen at Ashhurst Domain

We’re asking you to tell us the type of activities we should look to develop further in the domain, as well as any activities that might need to be managed differently. 

A lot of hard mahi went into forming the existing reserve management plan, which considers everything from the allocation of space for different types of activities to landscape design, layout, planting and specific uses of the domain.    

Updating the reserve management plan for Ashhurst Domain will serve as a blueprint for the future development and community use of the reserve. It will also outline the long-term management strategies for Ashhurst Domain and guide how the reserve should be used, developed, and maintained. 

Have your say by 5pm Thursday 29 February   

We want you to identify the types of things that should be included in the reserve management plan for Ashhurst Domain.  

You can provide your feedback using the online form below. Submission forms are also available at the Ashhurst Library.  

A community open day will be held at the Ashhurst Domain on Saturday 10 February, from 10am to 2pm. This will include a free BBQ and activities for children, and you can come and tell us about your vision for future investment at Ashhurst Domain.  


Next steps

We’ll draft the plans in March and April using the feedback you provide. We’ll then consult you again on the draft plans for a period of four weeks. Submitters can choose to be heard by our elected members in person.  

We'll consider your feedback and make any changes to the final plans.  

Elected members will adopt the final plans at a Council meeting.   


Ashhurst Domain, State Highway 3, Ashhurst 4810  View Map

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