Safer speeds around schools

Submissions closed on 02 June 2023, 04:00 PM

We asked you about a proposal to reduce speeds around each school in Palmerston North.

One of the key actions in the previous government’s national road safety plan was to ensure safe speed limits around all schools by the end of 2027.

As we are the local road controlling authority for Palmerston North, we consulted our community on the streets around each school where these speed limits would be in place.

A final decision on these proposed changes was put on hold by our elected members in December, following guidance from the new government that a new speed management rule will be created soon for councils to consider. The transport minister has indicated a new rule is being created and has encouraged us to wait for the new rule before making final decisions.

The map below shows our proposal for schools in our city.

Under the previous government, speed limit changes weren't restricted to the school gate and focused on the streets surrounding each school. 

We consulted you on changing speed limits on the streets around each school using a combination of permanent and variable speed limits. Variable speed limits are electronic signs that apply during school pick up and drop off times only – we are proposing these on our busier roads. Most of these lower speed limits will be 30km/h.  A small number of schools are in 70km/h areas, and these will be lowered to 60km/h. 

See the proposed changes around each school

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You can also download and print a copy of our consultation document(PDF, 6MB) to see the maps and proposed changes of all schools.

We’re starting with the areas shown on this map.

Navigate the map above by zooming and clicking on the icon for the school you’re looking for. You can also use the search box to find the school you’re interested in. Click on the link in the pop-up box or the search results to go to a page with more information about the proposed changes for roads around that school.

Check out the FAQs page if you have any further questions about the proposed changes. 

Crash statistics (2018-2022)

In the past five years:

  • 3,562 crashes occurred in the city
  • 561 occurred in the school zones (15.7%)
  • 78 occurred in school zones during school peak times (2.2%)
  • 1,171 night time crashes (6pm to 6am) in the city (16.2% occurred near schools)