Building 30 square metres or less

New rules mean you might be able to build a sleepout, carport or shed without building consent.

Changes to the Building Act 2004 mean more can be built without having to get building consent from your local Council. Among other low-risk building activities, the changes include making it easier to build a single storey, detached building up to 30 square metres.

This means some landowners or other professionals can build a sleepout, carport, or shed without needing permission, saving time and money. This also allows Council to focus on building work that is higher risk.

We have a guide to the rules for building 30 square metres or less, which gives information on what can be built, where and with what materials. The guide is intended to help you get started. For full information, review the government guidance.

Building 30sqm or less(PDF, 99KB)