Before you start

Planning for subdivision consent

It's important to plan ahead, as subdividing takes time. There are many steps before we can issue titles for new allotments.

Section 7 of the District Plan details the subdivision rules.

We’ve created a guide to help you navigate infill subdivisions in the residential zones. It includes the rules around lot size, access ways and working around existing buildings. 

Subdivisions in the residential zone(PDF, 233KB)

Different rules apply for the rural zone. If you’d like to discuss a rural subdivision, please email

Check if your lot meets size requirements

As a controlled activity subdivision in the residential zone, the most straightforward way of subdividing, each proposed lot will need to meet the minimum requirements:

  • 350 square metres – Palmerston North urban area: For a two-lot section, 750 square metres is required in total, including a driveway allowance.
  • 500 square metres – Napier Road Extension Area, Ashhurst, Bunnythorpe and Longburn village: For a two-lot section, 1,050 square metres is required in total, including a driveway allowance.

Multi-unit development

 For multi-unit housing development (three or more homes) please make an appointment with one of our Planning Officers.

Talking to your neighbours

It is courteous to talk to your neighbour before starting construction work or when you have a proposal in mind. However, you are not legally bound to consult with them unless your project requires an affected person to give written consent.

If you are the neighbour and are deemed to be unaffected by the proposal, you have no legal ability to become involved. If you are concerned, talk to the developer about your concerns or contact us if you need more information about their proposal.