Keeping bees

Beehive in an urban garden.

You can keep bees in Palmerston North urban areas. Hive placement is important. Locate your hives so they don't become a nuisance or danger to other residents. The Animals and Bees Bylaw sets out the conditions you need to meet to keep bees in the urban area, including the maximum number of hives you can have.

  • Your property must be at least 500m2
  • Hives must not be closer than 1 metre to any boundary unless there is a solid fence 1.6m or taller on that boundary
  • The number of hives must not exceed the number allowed for your property area

Maximum number of hives allowed

Property area Maximum number of hives
500m2 to 700m2 2
701m2 to1000m2 4
1001m2 to 2000m2 6
2001m2 or greater


Biosecurity and food safety requirements

All beekeepers must register their hives with the Management Agency, National Foulbrood Pest Management Plan

If you want to sell your honey, you will have to comply with the Food Act 2014. See the Ministry for Primary Industries website for food safety rules for low-risk businesses