Cooking oil recycling

Photo shows six plastic bottles of cooking oil lined up in a row.

Recycle used cooking oil free at our Ferguson Street recycling centre.

Take your used cooking oil to Ferguson Street recycling centre in any container.

The oil will be recycled into bio-fuel in Wellington.

Recycling used cooking oil has dual benefits. Turning it into bio-fuel is far better for our environment than just putting it in the rubbish bin, but the other benefit is that it won't end up being washed down kitchen sinks – which can block pipes and costs a lot of money to remove at our wastewater treatment plant.

We recommend you always scrape off oil from cooking dishes or use a paper towel to absorb it. You can then store it for recycling, or put it into your rubbish bin. This ensures the fat and oil doesn't risk blocking your household wastewater pipes.

The service is only available for household quantities of cooking oil. For disposal of commercial quantities of cooking oil, please contact other service providers. 

Cooking oil is the latest addition to city recycling – with car seats, motor oil, batteries, appliances, mobile phones, computers and other e-waste also accepted at Ferguson Street.