Tyre recycling

We’re collecting your old tyres, and sending them to Auckland where they will be recycled and used by the construction industry.

This service is only available at our Awapuni Resource Recovery Park on Tip Road.

All fees and charges include GST. Effective 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023.

Tyre Size Price
Car, van or 4WD tyre $7
Car, van or 4WD tyre, dirty $8
Heavy truck  $10
Heavy truck, dirty $12

Frequently asked questions

$7 up to what size?

$7 is for a car, van or 4WD tyre. But if it's dirty you'll have to pay an extra dollar!

Will you take larger tyres, eg truck and tractor size? What is the cost?

Yes, these are $10 for a clean tyre and $12 for a dirty tyre. The reason we charge extra for dirty tyres is that they need to be cleaned before being sent away for shredding. A dirty tyre is one with excess soil or mud (a little bit is fine), stones, rocks, or plants.

Do they have to be derimmed?

Yes, we don’t accept tyres with rims.

Do you come and pick them up?

No, we don’t currently offer a collection service.