I ride because I love being outdoors

My name is Fiona Jensen and I'm a Teacher at Cloverlea School in Palmerston North. I love to go for recreational rides as often as I can, especially in the weekends. I ride with my little dog who loves to run and then sit in the basket at the front. We enjoy meeting people and enjoying the scenery along the way. 

Photo shows smiling woman on bike at Cloverlea School gate with students in the background walking towards their classroom.

We also love to ride as a family and enjoy the wonderful tracks along the river and Esplanade. I like the fitness aspect and being outdoors enjoying the stunning Manawatū. There are so many places off the roads to ride and explore. The tracks are well maintained and clearly signposted. We love the new access via He Ara Kotahi and the Ahimate Reserve.

I rode a bike as a kid all the time and have become motivated in the last few years to get a new bike and ride more. I was motivated through my teaching of the kids at school.

We're lucky enough to have a Bikes In Schools pump track. The kids have the opportunity to ride a bike and to gain their confidence and improve their skills with things like balance, signalling and braking. They also learn the road rules and simple things to help them to be visible and safe on the roads.

My passion is teaching the children at school how to ride correctly and how to be safe on the roads as they ride.

I've gained the appropriate qualifications to be able to teach and take groups of kids out onto the roads. We practise our skills on the track and around the school grounds. Then the older children get to use their knowledge on the road. We've developed a school-wide progression of skills for every age of children we teach.

I ride because I love being outdoors and the peace and quiet you get as you pedal along. I love being by the river and in bush and I love the fact that we can share the outdoors as a family and have time together. I would highly recommend jumping on bikes with your family and taking the time to explore the Manawatū trails.

So get out there! Get exploring. Grab a good fitting helmet (follow the guidelines online), a comfy bike, a fluoro vest, drink bottle and friends or family and give it a go!