I ride to stay physically and mentally fit

My name is Bob Selden. I try to ride at least once a week and generally do 30-40km each ride.

Photo shows man in lycra riding a racing bike along a gravel road in the countryside.

I'm the Regional Manager for Family Business Central. We help family businesses manage the family relationships aspects of their business, such as succession planning, role clarity, family-future proofing – everything a family needs to do to be successful as a family business.
I tend to ride around Terrace End to Ashhurst.
I started riding when I was 35 after I quit rugby. My son was 13 at the time and he borrowed some money to put towards buying a good road bike to go racing. I went training with him and realised how great it is.
I ride to stay physically and mentally fit.
If you're new to riding, start with small distances and gradually build up. If you're trying to get fit, here are the four steps I'd recommend:
  1. Set yourself a daily or weekly target – time or distance, for example.
  2. Develop time and place cues to keep regular – like a regular time of the day and particular days.
  3. Give yourself a little reward as you meet each target.
  4. Tell a good friend about your plans – that will keep you honest!