Council affiliated organisations

We fund three organisations who share our vision of community wellbeing across the sports, arts and social services sectors.

Sport Manawatū

Sport Manawatū is a Regional Sports Trust funded through a variety of streams including Sport New Zealand, local councils, and the health sector.

Its role is to support and increase participation in play, recreation and sport and promote active living.

The trust oversees much of our regional sport and active recreation sector, providing practical and financial support to the community. It also works to help bring major sports events to the area.

In the wider region, Sport Manawatū has taken a lead role in developing and implementing the Manawatū-Whanganui Regional Sport Facility Plan. This plan is used as a tool to help guide regional provision of our sport and recreation facilities.

Palmy Council works in partnership with Sport Manawatū, which administers the Active Communities and Sports Event Partnership funds on our behalf. 

Community Services Council

Palmerston North Community Services Council coordinates social services in the city. It recognises the vital role that the community and voluntary sector plays in the welfare of our citizens. It provides support, advice, training and advocacy, distributes Council funding, and builds the capacity of the sector to respond to social needs.

Square Edge Community Arts

Square Edge Community Arts is a group dedicated to the arts in Palmerston North. It provides a range of services, aimed at supporting art and creativity within our community, for example by encouraging participation in the arts, by providing access to arts materials and artistic expertise, through the development of art and artists and the marketing of arts products, exhibits and performances.

It operates from the Square Edge building on the Square, which has been developed to provide studio and exhibition space for rent.