Council-controlled organisations (CCOs)

There are five Council-controlled organisations in Palmerston North that independently manage some of our city's key facilities. Find out more about them and read their accountability reports.

A council-controlled organisation (CCO) is at least 50% owned or controlled by Council. This means Council has at least 50% of the voting rights and can appoint at least half of the directors or trustees.

CCOs are mostly set up to manage Council facilities independently, and can provide business and community expertise that we may not otherwise have easy access to. They can also attract funding from sources other than rates.

Each CCO is managed by a Council appointed trust board, and we have an agreement about what they will achieve for ratepayers.

Central Economic Development Agency Ltd (CEDA)

CEDA is owned jointly by Palmerston North City and Manawatū District Councils. Its main objective is to drive economic growth for Manawatū and beyond. It contributes to the Council's goal of Palmerston North being an economically sustainable city that attracts, fosters and retains business.


Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre is run by and for the community as a 250-seat, fully-equipped, performance venue for hire. It is home to the Manawatū Theatre Society, one of the city's most active amateur dramatic groups. Each year it hosts a range of events and festivals such as the Shakespeare Festival and the Environmental Film Festival.

It also fills a niche as an intimate performance space for professional acts, from music to stand-up comedy. The Globe's success is measured by its 'live nights' and it currently offers a show every three days or so.

Palmerston North Airport Ltd

Palmerston North Airport Limited is a Council-controlled trading organisation and limited liability company. All shares are held by Palmerston North City Council.

It owns and operates Palmerston North Airport, providing facilities and services to airlines and airport users, both commercial and non-commercial.

Palmerston North Airport Ltd contributes to the economic growth of our region by providing transport services that link businesses to domestic and international supplies and markets. It also contributes to the positive image of Palmerston North as a good place to do business.


Regent on Broadway

The Regent is a much loved community asset. Originally a picture palace, the building has been lovingly restored to its former glory as a 1,393 seat theatre. The Regent on Broadway enables the city to host bigger shows than the more intimate Globe Theatre.

The Regent on Broadway's success is measured by its 'live nights'. The theatre currently offers 150 live performances and attracts an audience of 100,000 people each year. It keeps a balance of between 50% and 85% of community use, giving local talent the opportunity to perform in New Zealand's premier regional theatre.

Te Manawa

Te Manawa aspires to be the cultural, economic and social hub of the Manawatū region. The purpose-built art gallery can display exhibitions of international quality, many of which are drawn from its own significant collection.

Behind the art gallery you’ll find the Tangata Whenua gallery offering insights into the history of the region, its settlement and its peoples; the Discovery Centre, a magnet for the curious, old and young alike; and temporary exhibition spaces showing a range of home-grown and touring exhibitions.

The success of Te Manawa is measured by the number of visitors that are attracted to its exhibits and events each year, currently 110,000 and growing.