Roads and streets framework

We’re in the process of reviewing our Street Design Manual from 2013, looking at where we can make changes to better manage our current growth and meet our community’s diverse transport needs. The new document will be known as the Roads and Streets Framework.


Photo: One of our design objectives is streets for people.

Street Design Manual 2013

The Street Design Manual 2013 sets out the design vision for Palmerston North streets, outlining an approach to balancing the needs of all users on our streets. It describes how to create a coherent and consistent street network.

The manual has three design objectives for Palmerston North streets:

  • streets for people
  • a movement and place approach
  • nature in the city

The manual features 14 street environments that seek to guide the construction of new streets and renewal of existing street networks.

It doesn’t take the place of Waka Kotahi standards or requirements, or other technical standards.

To find out more, contact our senior transport planner, James Miguel. Email:

Street Design Manual 2013(PDF, 8MB)