Main Street cycleway

Group of adults and primary school kids biking along a cycleway that uses planter boxes to separate them from the cars.

Palmy people most likely know this infamous cycleway for the planter boxes that were used as the separator to keep people on bikes and vehicles separated during the cycleways’ trial.

Following the first COVID-19 lockdown, Waka Kotahi funded projects that encouraged councils to trial cycling and pedestrian initiatives. That’s what we did for Main Street between March 2021 and November 2021. Numbers of people on bikes increased during the trial, and in March 2022 Council voted to remove the planter boxes and install a different temporary measure until we have designed the permanent cycleway.

This cycleway is ranked in our top 10 priority routes in our Urban Cycle Network Masterplan. This route is important as it connects the Longburn Shared Path, the Mangaone Stream Shared Pathway and our western suburbs with our city centre, meaning people on bikes can be separated from this busy road for a significant distance as they travel around our city.