Ring Road optimisation

Aerial image shows the cross of two major roads with vehicles travelling.

The Ring Road is a critical component of our plan for growing economic prosperity and liveability in Palmy.

While we upgrade our city centre streets to maximise the safety and vibrancy of our public spaces, we’re also constantly monitoring and assessing how vehicles and people move around.

As we construct and finish each section of street, one of the key things we reassess is the traffic light phasing. In time, our city centre’s lights will be phased to prioritise pedestrians more. For example, each direction of traffic will get a green light, and then we will allow pedestrians to cross.

Around the Ring Road, this will be the opposite, we’ll phase the lights to give motorists more opportunities to move efficiently. The other element of this optimisation work is to remove the ability to have motorists cutting across the ring road to get to other side streets. These small changes will occur over time.