A new and improved committee structure

Published on 18 November 2022

Mayor Grant Smith in Council Chamber

A new committee structure has been adopted for the next three years, with Mayor Grant Smith streamlining the number of committees from twelve to seven. At the Council meeting on Wednesday 16 November, the following committees were established:

  • Community
  • Culture and Sport
  • Economic Growth
  • Sustainability
  • Strategy and Finance
  • Rangitāne o Manawatū
  • Risk and Assurance

Mayor Grant Smith says the first four committees closely align with the four well-beings of the Local Government Act, and to Council’s strategic goals.

“The Economic Growth, Culture and Sport, Community, and Sustainability committees each mirror our goals. This means the public can better see where we’re at and how well we’re tracking against them, as well as against the Local Government Act’s four well-beings.”

The Strategy and Finance Committee was set up to help with the efficiency of Council business, looking at bylaws, the District Plan and at any big financial decisions.

The Risk and Assurance Committee will be chaired by an independent member for the first time in Council’s history.

“Mr Steve Armstrong, a Chartered Accountant, will chair this Committee, with his independent voice adding credibility to the assurance function. He also brings strong auditing skills which will help complement councillors’ local knowledge.”

The Rangitāne o Manawatū Committee remains committed to the ongoing development of Te Motu o Poutoa, ANZAC Park, and has had its terms of reference extended.

“This term we’ve expanded the breadth of the Committee and have a more strategic focus on Māori wellbeing in the City.”

While most of the committee chairs are longer-serving councillors, newly-elected Councillor Kaydee Zabelin has been appointed Deputy Chair of the Sustainability Committee and Councillor William Wood has been appointed Deputy Chair of the Economic Growth Committee.

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