Hearing: Objection to a resource consent decision

Hearing of an objection from Woodgate Ltd, under section 357 of the RMA, in relation to a Council’s decision under section 88(3) of the RMA that resource consent application RC 6923 was incomplete. The resource consent application is to authorise the construction, operation and maintenance of a retirement village complex and associated infrastructure in the residential zone, including associated earthworks and a three-lot subdivision at Pacific Drive, Palmerston North.

A hearing by commissioner was held at 9.30am on Tuesday 7 March 2023 in the Council Chamber, Civic Administration Building, 32 The Square, Palmerston North.

Hearing agenda(PDF, 60MB)

Decision: Objection dismissed

Commissioner decision, 5 April 23(PDF, 433KB)

Tabled items

RC LU-7013 - Request for further information - tabled by Objector(PDF, 126KB)

Guideline on incomplete applications by Quality Planning - tabled by PNCC(PDF, 2MB)

Objector's statement(PDF, 106KB)