Rezoning Roxburgh Crescent

Feedback closes 5pm Friday 9 December.

Detail from an artist's impression showing homes looking out over the river.

Roxburgh Crescent is an industrial pocket of Hokowhitu, sandwiched between the river and neighbouring homes. We're proposing to rezone the street to enable up to 123 new homes to be built. What do you think?

We'll consult formally on this change to our District Plan next year, but your early feedback will help to shape our final proposal.

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Roxburgh Crescent is currently zoned industrial and occupied by industrial businesses like the Higgins Depot. Rezoning the street from industrial to residential will help to meet the growing demand for homes in Palmy.

The land is well suited for housing as it is flat, centrally located, and has good access to green spaces, public transport, schools and local shops.

Why we’re planning to rezone Roxburgh Crescent 

Roxburgh Crescent (near the Ruahine Street entrance to the river) has been identified as a future growth area for housing since 2018, with the idea initiated by the main landowner. This is a rare opportunity for Palmy as it’s not often that large sites within the city become available for housing redevelopment.

Hokowhitu was earmarked for urban growth during the early 1900s but housing never quite made it to the edge. This gave the opportunity for industrial activities to be established here around the 1950s, conveniently close to the city.

Over time housing eventually reached and surrounded the Roxburgh Crescent industrial area, making it an unusual feature within the suburb. Rezoning to enable people to build homes in Roxburgh Crescent will make it consistent with the rest of Hokowhitu. 

There will be a range of housing options within the new area

The government’s National Policy Statement on Urban Development requires us to enable a range housing types within the city to meet demand. We're planning to enable medium density housing in Roxburgh Crescent to ensure the land is used efficiently.

Proposed Plan Change E: Roxburgh Crescent Residential Area would allow a minimum lot size of 150m2 and a maximum of 400m2. This would enable a wider range of housing types on smaller lots of land. We’re also proposing to allow new homes of up to 3 storeys, meaning houses in Roxburgh Crescent could have views over the stop bank to the Manawatū River.

People don’t have to build up to 3 storeys or develop lots down to 150m2, but we’re providing the option. 

See our photo gallery at the bottom of the page to give you an idea of what this could look like.

Read how we're enabling medium density housing across the rest of the city

Other landowners will have options  

Though the largest landowner in the area is choosing to redevelop their land, other property owners will be able to look at their options and decide for themselves. The Resource Management Act allows activities to operate at the same scale if they were legally established under the District Plan rules at that time. This is often referred to as existing use rights. They will also have the option to develop their sites for housing or sell to a housing developer if they want to.

Proposal includes new river access

We're proposing to provide a new entrance for the public to access the Manawatū River from Roxburgh Crescent. This would happen through a land swap.

There is currently a small area of reserve acting as a buffer between Roxburgh Crescent’s industrial activities and housing at the southern end. This buffer won't be needed if the whole area is zoned residential.

Under the proposed plan change the current area of reserve would basically be shifted into the middle of Roxburgh’s future new housing, providing a thoroughfare for the community to get to the Manawatū River shared pathway. This will be done in a separate process to the main plan change, under the Reserves Act.

We have more work to do

There is still work that needs to be done before people can build new homes in Roxburgh Crescent.

Development of the area will be guided by a structure plan to inform where homes, roads and the new river access can go.

To create a new reserve strip and public river access, we’ll need to follow a process under the Reserves Act to ‘swap’ the land with the existing reserve buffer.

We’ll also need to consult formally, which is when we'll notify Proposed Plan Change E and ask for submissions. We expect this to happen early next year.

We have completed the following technical assessments: 

Liquefaction assessment report(PDF, 7MB)


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