Changes made to Roxburgh Crescent rezoning plan

Published on 09 November 2023

A small industrial pocket wedged between the river and residential streets.

Community feedback and new information on stormwater has resulted in changes being made to plans for the development of new housing in Hokowhitu’s Roxburgh Crescent.

Chief Planning Officer David Murphy says after receiving both community feedback and information on stormwater in the area, some details of the draft plan change were updated to make a better fit for the riverside site. 

“The initial draft structure plan for the area sought to enable 123 homes and was more along the lines of other medium density housing plans that are currently being proposed in a range of areas around the city. But after hearing from our community and carrying out further stormwater analysis for the area, there will now be fewer houses, an increase in lot sizes and fewer dwellings permitted up to 3 storeys.” 

Changes to the proposed density for the site have resulted in a revised minimum lot size for each individual property, from 150m2 to 250m2. This is to increase the permeability around each section, meaning more rain will be able soak into the ground. To ensure the land is still used efficiently we’re proposing a maximum lot size of 500m2.  

Changes to proposed heights mean homes of up to 3 storeys in the area will now only be permitted directly behind the stopbank along the eastern side of the site, rather than across the whole site. This will provide a softer transition  from existing homes next door to the new residential area, while still enabling homes along the stopbank to have views over the Manawatū River. 

These changes will give new home builders options for the types of homes they want to build, while also ensuring they fit in with existing homes in the neighbourhood. Roxburgh Crescent is currently zoned industrial and occupied by industrial businesses like the Higgins Depot. Mr Murphy says rezoning the area from industrial to residential will help to meet the growing demand for homes in Palmy. 

“The land is well suited for housing as it is flat, centrally located, and has good access to green spaces, public transport, schools and local shops.” 

Industrial businesses that want to remain in the area will still be able to operate under existing use rights. 

Our proposal is now open for pre-consultation. This is another opportunity to let us know your thoughts. Feedback from this stage will be used to help shape the final draft of our proposed plan change, which we expect to notify in 2024. 

Go to for more information or to tell us what you think of the draft plan, including the latest changes. 

If you’d like to talk in person, come along to our drop-in session between 4pm and 6pm on Thursday 30 November at the Palmerston North Conference & Function Centre. You can also email our city planning team at or give us a call on 06 356 8199