Replacing and maintaining plumbing pipes

Most plumbing maintenance work on existing pipes doesn't require building consent if it is carried out by a professional, uses comparable components, and any replacement is in the same position. So yes, you can replace your plastic-lined shower and put in a new vanity using pipes that already exist for this purpose.

Note: This doesn't apply to the replacement of a specified system (building fire and safety components, such as fire sprinklers). You’ll also need building consent if you’re carrying out the work because something has failed the durability provisions of the Building Code. There are different rules for water heaters, too.

You will need building consent if you are:

  • Putting in a tiled shower (in most circumstances)
  • Increasing the number of showers, hand basins and toilets in your home or business
  • Doing bathroom work in a multi-level apartment building
  • Adding a new testable specified system, such as a backflow prevention device.

Exempt building work guidance: Technical requirements for plumbing and drainage