You need building consent if you're planning to install, move or replace a fireplace.

This includes:

  • freestanding or inbuilt fireplaces
  • solid fuel heaters
  • wood burners 

If your property is less than two hectares in lot size, you’ll need to choose a wood burner from a list approved by the Ministry for the Environment.

Outdoor fireplaces, pizza ovens and barbecues

A permanent outside fireplace or oven, such as a woodfired pizza oven or barbecue, can be constructed without building consent if it:

  • isn't attached to a building
  • is at least 1 metre away from any building or boundary
  • isn't more than 2.5 metres high
  • doesn't have a cooking surface bigger than 1 square metre (for an outside oven)

Smoke from your outside fireplace or oven must not create a nuisance to any other person or property.

Depending on the District Plan and zoning, the location of the fireplace may need to be greater than 1 metre from the boundary.

In some cases a fire permit may be required to operate the fireplace.

Apply for building consent