During a building inspection

At the time of the inspection, you, your agent or your builder needs to be on-site.

You must have print copies of your consented plans and any associated documents with you. If you don't, we will decline your inspection on the spot.

Please ensure your site is safe and accessible for our inspectors

This includes providing a safe and suitable way for the inspector to access above-ground areas (for example, scaffolding). If you don't, the inspection may not be able to proceed.

Once you've provided the building officer with a physical copy of the consented plans, they will assess if the construction is in accordance with the building consent and will advise you of any issues. This may be in the form of a site instruction notice.

In serious cases, the inspector may issue a Notice to Fix.

In some instances, work may be allowed to continue even though the building officer has identified issues (such as not all work completed). This will be clearly articulated in the inspection report.

Our inspector will provide a report afterwards

A copy of the inspection report, which records the inspection findings, will be provided to the applicant.

All fees, including any levies must be paid before we can issue a Code Compliance Certificate.

What is a Notice to Fix, and what happens if I get one?

A Notice to Fix is a legal document issued when building work does not comply with the Building Act or Building Code. It may require all or part of the building work to stop immediately.

Any action required must be completed within the timeframe specified in the notice.