Compliance schedules

Buildings with specified systems need a compliance schedule. As a building owner it is your responsibility to ensure these systems are inspected and maintained according to the schedule.

What is a compliance schedule?

A compliance schedule states a building's specified systems and their performance standards, and includes the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures needed to keep them in good working order.

To verify these responsibilities have been met, you need to sign, issue and display a building warrant of fitness every 12 months.

Compliance schedules and your building consent

When we issue a building consent we will state whether the building requires a compliance schedule.

The building consent will identify what documentation you need to provide to Council when construction is complete, before we can issue a code compliance certificate and compliance schedule. This may include certificates from installers of specified systems, testing and commissioning results, and third-party verification from accredited inspection bodies for fire alarms and sprinkler systems as required by New Zealand Standards.

Compliance schedule statement

Council is required to issue a compliance schedule and compliance schedule statement for new buildings or amend a compliance schedule where any specified systems are added, altered or removed. The compliance schedule is issued with the code compliance certificate. A compliance schedule statement is a document that is issued once and only with a new compliance schedule.

The compliance schedule statement must be displayed in a public part of the building for the first 12 months of the building's life. This is usually inside the front foyer or ground floor reception area.

Amending a compliance schedule

To initiate a change to the compliance schedule, you need to apply for an amendment. Complete the form below and submit it to us with the accompanying fee.

Amendment to compliance schedule application form(PDF, 153KB)