IQP register

Palmerston North City Council and Manawatū District Council have a joint IQP register, which identifies people who are qualified to inspect and carry out maintenance work on specified systems.

You can search our online register for an IQP. The register also identifies which specified systems the IQP is qualified to inspect.

Find an IQP

Register as an IQP

All IQPs must be registered with Council. You can apply to either Palmerston North City Council or Manawatū District Council and pay one fee for registration with both.

Information for people seeking registration as an IQP(PDF, 401KB)

IQP application form(PDF, 221KB)

IQP registration renewal form(PDF, 195KB)

IQP guidelines

Building owners are required to engage independent qualified persons (IQPs) who will undertake the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures listed on the compliance schedule and issue certificates of compliance.

Building owners must obtain certificate(s) from IQP(s) verifying that the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures for each specified system have been fully complied with. The certificates are issued on Form 12A of the Building (Forms) Regulations 2004, which is called certificate of compliance with inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures

The number of certificates you need to obtain will depend on the number of specified systems in the building and the number of IQPs required to carry out the procedures. For example, if an IQP is carrying out the procedures for all specified systems in a building, because he or she is registered by the territorial authority to do so, then he or she may issue one certificate covering all specified systems. However, if several IQPs are required then they will each issue a certificate, covering only the specified system or procedure they are verifying.