What happens next


Understand the general process your subdivision application will follow. Note, the process outlined here will vary for more complex or notified subdivision consents.

  1. subdivision consent application is lodged with Council
  2. the application is processed by the planning officer and other relevant officers, like roading engineers, subdivision engineers and waste and water engineers
  3. Council provides its decision with conditions, after any objections/appeals have been resolved
  4. the surveyor measures the land and prepares the Land Transfer Plan, and places pegs in the ground to define the new boundary
  5. the surveyor submits the Land Transfer Plan to Council and confirms that conditions imposed have been completed by the applicant.

There are two types of Certificates to be issued by Council:

  • 223 Certificate for approval of the final survey plan.
  • 224 Certificate for approval of all conditions being met. This certificate can be applied for with the 223 Certificate. This may also involve Council officers inspecting any construction work to confirm it meets Council's minimum standards.

When approved, we will return the signed certificates to the surveyor, who will lodge the survey plan and other related documents with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) for checking.

When LINZ approves the plan, it is passed to the Land Title Office to issue the Certificates of Title for the new allotments.

How long subdivision consent lasts

You have up to five years from the time consent is granted to get the 223 Certificate. You then have up to three years from the date the 223 Certificate is issued to get the 224 Certificate.

Subdivision consent conditions

Consent conditions are about making sure the subdivision works well.

It is typical for Council to impose conditions on a subdivision consent to ensure the land or existing buildings can work properly. Generally, these requirements must be met before titles are issued.

If your plan doesn't meet the rules for subdividing

As well as an application for subdivision consent, you will need to apply for resource consent.

Your surveyor can do this on your behalf. Depending on which rules you don't meet, we may identify affected people who would need to provide written consent for your application to be approved.