Exercising your dog

Palmy is a paradise for dog walkers, but knowing where you can and can’t walk your dog is important. As a general rule, you need to exercise your dog on a lead unless they’re in a designated dog exercise area.

Check our interactive map to see where you can and can't take your dog

Dog sitting outside a timber sign at the entrance to the dog park in Ahimate Reserve.

Test your dog’s agility in one of our fully-fenced dog parks

We’ve got 2 cool dog parks in Palmy that are fully fenced and have agility equipment to test your dog’s skills. Check out: 

Ahimate Dog Park

Linklater Reserve

Other places you can exercise your dog off-leash

We’ve got loads more great spaces where you can let your four-legged family member run around to their heart’s content. We call these dog exercise areas. Some of our designated dog exercise areas are in parks and reserves. There are others on some of our shared pathways and walkways.

Tip: Filter all our parks and reserves by the dog exercise area category for a list of all the ones that are off-leash. You might find a new one. And don’t forget to check out our walkway pages for even more dog-friendly spots.

Parks and reserves

Walks and walkways

Note: These are shared spaces. Please be considerate. In places where your dog is allowed off-leash, it still needs to be under your supervision and control, and you must have a leash with you at all times.

Places you can't take your dog

You can't exercise your dog in any prohibited places. This includes within 10 metres of a playground, and all sportsfields and cemeteries. The red areas on the map show where dogs are prohibited, even if they are on a leash. You can also read the list in our Dog Control Bylaw.