Exercising your dog


Your dog must be exercised on a lead unless they're in a designated dog exercise area. Check our online map to see where you can and can't take your dog in Palmerston North.

Dog on-leash areas

The yellow areas on the map show where you can take your dog on a leash.

Dog off-leash areas 

You can exercise your dog in most of the city's public parks. In off-leash areas, your dog is allowed off the leash but must be under your supervision and control, and you must have a leash with you at all times.

The green areas on the map show where you can exercise your dog off the leash.

Places you can't take your dog

You can't exercise your dog in any prohibited places. The red areas on the map show where dogs are prohibited both on and off the leash.

View dog control areas in GIS local maps