Microchipping your dog

Two smiling dogs relax on a grassy bank.

The law requires all dogs to be microchipped within two months of being registered with Council.

Microchipping makes it easier to track down lost dogs and reunite them with their owners. It also helps to identify dangerous dogs in the community.

You can get your puppy or dog microchipped by a vet or other qualified microchip implanter, then notify Council.

Failure to microchip your dog if it falls into one of the categories below could result in prosecution and a fine of up to $3,000.

Other dogs that need to be microchipped

Your dog(s) will also need to be microchipped if:

  • you are registering your dog for the first time in your local area
  • your dog is classified as dangerous
  • your dog is classified as menacing
  • your dog has been impounded for the second time.

Working farm dogs don't need to be microchipped.

What to do after you've microchipped your dog

You'll need to advise us of your microchip number. Email a copy of your microchip certificate with your owner and dog numbers (if known) or name and address, to dog.info@pncc.govt.nz, visit our Customer Service Centre or call us on 06 356 8199.