Review dog charges or penalties

Use the online form on this page to ask us to reduce or cancel dog impound fees or infringements. You can also use it to ask for more time to pay your dog registration fees.

Please ensure that all fields in the form are completed with the requested information. If you don't provide all information, there may be delays with processing. We aim to have the outcome to you within 20 working days.

Find out more about the criteria we use and what information we need to consider your request.

Click here to view form.

We may waive your infringement when...

You've already paid your registration

We will need to confirm you paid before we issued the infringement.

Please provide a receipt or bank statement showing the amount paid, time and method used - cash, card or internet banking.

You no longer have the dog

We may consider waiving your infringement if you no longer have the dog. Please note, it is your responsibility to let us know if any of your dog's details change. This includes if they've died or have a new owner.

If your dog has a new owner, you'll need to complete a transfer dog ownership form and submit it to us, signed by you and the new owner.

Find the form on our website: Update your dog's details.

You've had a medical emergency or prolonged medical event

We will consider waiving your infringement if you were hospitalised or incapacitated at the time your registration was due.

Please provide dated evidence.

You were on military deployment

We will consider waiving your infringement if you were on deployment, training or an exercise locally or internationally and your dog was being cared for by another person who was not part of your normal household (spouse or partner). 

Please provide dated evidence.

Repeated infringements for 2 or more offences of the same type

If you have made a significant permanent effort to amend and stop offending and an animal management officer has carried out an inspection, then we may consider waiving 1 infringement only. 

If 3 or more infringements have been issued for separate offending, then Council will either disqualify you or put you on probation from owning a dog. This means that you may have to rehome your dog to someone else not living with you.