Recycling collection

Photo shows one of council's new electric rubbish trucks.

Our kerbside recycling service reduces waste going to landfill. By putting the right things in the right bin, you're doing your bit to reduce waste. Thank you!

Heads up! From 1 July, we’re updating some of our fees and charges for rubbish and recycling services. Here’s what’s new:

Rubbish bags:

  • 60L bags: $3.80 each, $19 for a 5-pack
  • 40L bags: $2.80 each, $14 for a 5-pack


  • 30L bag: $7

Awapuni green waste:

  • Car: $7
  • Trailer: $20
  • Van or ute: $20
  • Van or ute plus trailer: $40

Events recycling:

  • Option B (Self-servicing): $75
  • Option C (Council-serviced): $290

All prices include GST.

These new rates have been carefully reviewed and approved by the Council to ensure we can continue providing quality services.

Ever wondered what happens to your recycling after it's picked up from your house? Wonder no more.

We provide a kerbside collection service for Palmerston North urban residents.

Your recycling needs to be out on the kerb by 7.30am.

What to put in your wheelie bin

  • clean paper and cardboard
  • clean cans and tins
  • clean hard plastics that have the recycling triangle label moulded into them (we collect plastic numbers 1, 2 and 5)

Can I change the size of my wheelie bin?

The standard-sized wheelie bin is 240 litres. If this size is difficult for you to manage or store, please call to arrange for us to deliver you an 80 litre wheelie bin. Likewise, if you move into a new property with a small wheelie bin, we can swap it for a 240l bin. Phone: 06 356 8199

How do I know which bin is mine?

Your wheelie bin should have a sticker with an address printed on it, and a serial number heat-stamped into it. The serial number is recorded in Council's rates database under your address.

If your address sticker comes loose, it’s a good idea to clearly label your bin with a permanent marker.

When is recycling collected?

Look up our rubbish and recycling days tool to find out when your recycling will be collected.

What do I do if my recycling bin goes missing or is damaged?

If your bin is missing after collection day, please ask your neighbours if they have taken it accidentally.

If it’s still missing or if your bin is broken, please get in touch with us. Sometimes we can repair broken bins, especially if it’s the wheels or lid that are damaged. But if it can’t be fixed, we’ll arrange for you to get a new one.

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Who can use kerbside recycling?

The kerbside recycling service is for all properties rated residential that pay the recycling charge.

You’ll get a 240 litre wheelie bin for recycling plastic, paper, cardboard and cans and a 45 litre crate for recycling glass. A small number of properties with restricted access or limited storage get a smaller 80 litre recycling wheelie bin.

What does the recycling service cost?

The service is paid for by your rates. There is no separate charge for kerbside recycling.

The kerbside recycling targeted rate for 2024-25 is $144.

I’ve moving to a new property. What do I do with my recycling bin and crate?

Leave your recycling bin and glass crate behind when you move. If you move to a new property and there’s no bin or crate, get in touch with us.

What do I do if I have too much recycling for my bin or crate?

Please make sure your bin or crate is not overflowing.

Any extra recycling can be taken to to any of our recycling facilities during opening hours.

If you are constantly producing too much recycling for one bin or crate, please get in touch with us – you may be able to get another (additional recycling bins will incur a charge on your kerbside recycling rate).