I ride because I love it

I'm Miriam and I work and study at Massey. I ride every day, rain or shine. You could say I'm addicted.

Photo shows woman in everyday clothes riding a commuter bike with a basket along a leafy off-road pathway.

I ride to work every day, and at the weekends I ride out to Ashhurst Domain along the river usually, or maybe the other way to Linton on my mountain bike. I also do longer rides on my road bike with a couple of different groups or with friends. If it's raining I do spin class instead.

I've always cycled a bit but got rid of my car six years ago and started riding instead. Two years ago I took up road cycling as well.

I got started because my car blew up and once I started riding to work instead I enjoyed it so much I didn't replace the car.

The best part of my route is the hill at Massey at the end.

I ride because I love it – all the other benefits (fitness, saving money, helping the environment) are just extras.

I think people should ride because cars make the world really unpleasant and are destroying the environment.

The best advice I got was to buy the best bike you can afford – you'll enjoy it so much more on a decent bike. It doesn't have to cost a fortune – spend your new-bike budget on a second-hand bike and you'll get way more for your money. Get someone who knows about bikes to check it out first, or join an online cycling community – there are loads on Facebook.