I ride because it's cheap transport

My name is Dave Sutherland and I'm a primary school teacher. I ride my bike at least twice a week, but more if the weather is fine.

Photo shows man in hi vis vest and helmet in school playground.

I like to ride to work along the river track and love it when I get a tail wind along Fairs Road in Milson. I also do longer road rides, especially when I'm training for specific events like the Taupō Cycle Challenge.
I've been riding a bike for 30 years now. I began to ride properly back in 1989 when I was 14 years old. 

I got into riding when my brother took me along to the local cycling club – I was hooked.

I continue to ride because it's cheap transport, because it keeps me fit and healthy, and I just really enjoy it.

If I was giving advice to a new cyclist I'd say to ride as much as possible in cycle lanes and in quiet streets. Never assume drivers can see you, so be careful when doing right-hand turns, especially at roundabouts and traffic lights.

Riding a bike is a really satisfying way to travel from A to B and you can find a park wherever you go. It's cheap on petrol and you get to see more scenery, all while keeping fit.