Memorial Park

Memorial Park is one of Palmy’s signature summer spots – and its’s currently undergoing a major makeover.

Photo shows howizter next to wartime-themed facility block.

The playground is being removed to make it the most accessible park in the city. We’re also adding the region’s first splashpad – with sections for both babies and older children.

We’d hoped to have the park ready for this summer but construction has been delayed and we’re now looking at a staged opening over early 2021.

The skating rink, sportsfields, grassy area, duck pond and toilets are still open for use.

See our project page for more information about what's in store.

Memorial Park Pool open for summer swimming

Memorial Park is home to one of two free paddling pools in the city. While we had planned on keeping the pool closed during construction, we’ve decided to open it from 10am to 8pm daily. However there may be times that we need to close the pool while work is done nearby. We'll try and give as much notice of this as possible here and on our Facebook page.

Opening the pool while still having construction occurring is a balancing act for us – as your safety is paramount. That means we need your help, understanding and cooperation to ensure the pool can remain open.

Temporary pool closure starting Monday 18 January

Memorial Park Pool will be closed for a few days from Monday 18 January as work begins on the seating wall separating the swimming pool and the splashpad.

This work needs to be completed before we can start to install the splashpad. Heavy machinery will be in use close to the pool and trucks will coming and going from the site.

The pool will be closed from Monday 18 January, with pouring of concrete scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, depending on the weather.

The pool is scheduled to reopen again on Friday 22 January. If we can reopen it earlier, we will. With the new wall installed, there will be more room for seating around the pool.

Things to know for your visit

Memorial Park is still a construction site – please respect all fencing, listen to any requests from contractors, and don't enter the fenced off playground and splashpad area.

The pool is enclosed by tall construction fencing. This means there aren’t as many places to sit and picnic for the day.

During busy times, we’ll have a staff member on to ensure everyone is safe. You must listen to their instructions.

The gates to Memorial Park will remain closed during construction so trucks can access the site. You’ll need to park at the upper carpark and make your way down to the pool.

There may be times that we need to close the pool while work is done nearby. We'll try and give as much notice of this as possible on our website and Facebook page.

If at any time we are concerned about health and safety risks, we'll close the pool.

Tip: Looking for other places to swim in Palmy? Hit up the Esplanade paddling pool or Freyberg, Splashhurst or the Lido. And remember, once the weather warms up, there are some great natural swim spots. Two of our favourites are at Ahimate Reserve and Bledisloe Park.