a roadside berm

This page has everything you need to know about berms in Palmerston North.

Responsibility for mowing berms

The responsibility for mowing grass berms rests with the owners or occupiers of the adjacent property. We will only mows berms to alleviate a fire risk.

As a guide:

  • Tenants: agree mowing arrangements with your landlord
  • Landlords: agree mowing arrangements with your tenants
  • Building with a body corporate: body corporate arranges mowing
  • Building without a body corporate: residents share the berm arrange mowing
  • Retirement villages: owner arranges mowing

Parking on berms makes it harder for people to see when exiting driveways 

This poses a risk to anyone using the footpath, but also in the area where your vehicle may be a blind spot for the driver. Berms also contain some of your essential services like fibre, telecommunications, gas and water pipes. Your heavy car might damage these services.

Berm gardens

Council will assess requests for berm gardens case by case. Because road berms are used to convey utilities and provide pedestrian access, berm gardens may be unsuitable in some locations.

A berm garden can become a health and safety or asset management risk if inappropriate vegetation is planted or if the garden is not maintained long-term. For example, if deep rooted vegetation is planted close to utility services, or if short and bushy plants obstruct sight lines for road and footpath users.

If your applications for a berm garden is approved, you will have to agree to reinstate the site to its previous state if you move. The applicant will be liable for any costs associated with maintaining or removing a berm garden.