Get yellow lines on my street

Image shows broken yellow lines on street

Find out about the process for getting yellow lines on your street.

We use broken yellow lines to manage parking on our roads. They are used to:

  • address access issues – for example, when drivers park across your driveway, they indicate that there is no space for a vehicle to fit.
  • help with visibility issues – for example if a parked vehicle near an intersection prevents you from seeing other vehicles on the road
  • make narrow roads safer and more accessible by preventing parking on one or both sides.

You can contact us if you think you need yellow lines on your street.

If someone is parked across your driveway

If you are thinking about getting yellow lines because someone keeps parking across your driveway, your first step is to phone our parking team on 06 356 8199 to report the vehicle.

What happens after you contact us

After you contact us, there are several ways we may respond.

  • We may suggest that parking ‘L’ bars would be a better solution for the issues you are facing. ‘L’ bars are the white parking lines you see on residential roads.
  • If you are calling about getting a long stretch of broken yellow lines installed on your road, we may ask you to approach your neighbours with a form to sign (which we will supply to you) to show their support for the change, as they are likely to be affected by it.
  • We might decide that we need to do a parking review to help us decide if yellow lines are the right solution or if some other action might be best. This can take several months.
  • If we do decide that broken yellow lines are the best solution, we will propose a Traffic Resolution. This is a legal process the Council must follow and can also take several months. This process is required for us to be able to enforce new restrictions.

Need help?

If you think you need yellow lines on your street, you can phone our Contact Centre on 06 356 8199 or email